What is Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating involves installing pipework in the floor, so that the whole floor acts as a radiator, warming the room from the ground up.

There are two main types:

  • ‘warm water’ or wet underfloor heating
  • electric underfloor heating

If you choose for a whole-house underfloor heating system, there will be separate pipes in each room. This means that you can control when those rooms or ‘zones’ are heated and for how long, preventing you from having to heat unoccupied spaces. There is also the option to control these by from your smartphone.

Water or Electric underfloor heating?

Water-based underfloor heating generally requires more space for the pipes and is more complex and more expensive to install. It’s also more complex than electric systems to install retrospectively.

Electric underfloor heating systems can be easier and cheaper to fit but are more expensive to run in the long run. The type of underfloor heating system you install will depend on the size and shape of the room you’re heating whether there is insulation whether you’re installing the system on an existing floor whether you’re installing as part of a whole refurbishment or new-build project.